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The old adage goes that beauty is only skin deep.

Sure, but sometimes the inside is reflected poorly on the outside. I think my personality is reflected a little better with some bold eyeliner, subtle eye shadow and a bright lip color. Not to mention, it makes me feel sassy and comfortable.

Make up isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, nor should it be. If you find yourself more comfortable not wearing it, great! But if you’re like a lot of women who like make-up and can’t get enough of it (or are secretly too afraid to push the envelope) then i’ve got a nice investment for you.

Even if you’re not into make-up, a lot of people have heard of Michelle Phan, beauty guru of YouTube. Michelle comes from very humble origins, and started out doing beauty tutorials on YouTube and working on a nail shop with her mother. After being endorced by YouTube to make her videos, her career skyrocketed and she is now the proud owner of Em Cosmetics.

But before Em, she created Ipsy.

Ipsy is a community for women who like makeup and beauty-related products. It gives them a safe and loving community where they can share tips, host discussions, promote tutorials,

and, most of all,

buy make-up.

For $10 a month, you are provided with a “glam bag” of 4-6 products each month. These products come in a variety of name brands as well as shades and options. (and no, you don’t have to pay just to participate in the community, only if you want the bag 🙂 )

The Ipsy bag is a great way to get product and product samples in all different types and from all different brands. You can get eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow, pallets, curlers, lip products, oils, masques, hairsprays, bronzers, nailpolish, the whole shebang!

If you are interested in trying new brands, or getting into make up, then this is a really great opportunity to join a community and to get a foot in the door.

Good Luck!
To visit Ipsy for yourself, click here. 🙂